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On location COMMISSIONEDphotography with in the LEWIS CLARK VALLEY         Starting @  $100oo                          LOCAL SERVICES FROM CLARKSTON WASHINGTON

On location COMMISSIONEDphotography with in the LEWIS CLARK VALLEY         Starting @  $100oo                     


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Please HELP me to help you.

Greetings, I am a man of many talents, unknown & unseen.  A man of great wisdom, kind and a happy little pauper with a camera.  Iam in need of CUSTOMERS who recognize a TRUE CRAFTSMAN ARTIST with a 'HOMELY' face.  My modest CAMERA hangs from my damaged original spine, is now broke...   I will NOT GIVE UP,  nether will I let You.  Are we not all servants with very CUSTOMIZED needs.   My TALENTS 'still' CLICK, yet seldom do I get payed.  I am a servant sent to help good folks in debt, find financial hope for YOUR Production....   I am a messenger sent to busy folks,  to busy to notice the 'LIKES' of me.   I can hardy walk, yet I'm still, and upright in HEART, livingwith pain JOYFULLY.  My EYE thru the LENS, Seeing and recording what no one else could see before.   Created evidence,  to provoke an ACTION of REMEMBERance.

Please let me listen to YOUR NEEDS $ earn your trust and,  and offer youQUALITY SERVICES customized for YOUR NEEDS.   Tell me your budgets for your projects.  GOOD DEAL.   I am

Production Services

Live from Clarkston Washington in the Bottom of Hells Canyon on the Snake River.

Call Mr. Vance for a free entrepreneurial consultation today   509-254-1706

Congratulations to Mr. Vance of Clarkston for his photographic entries in The Asotin County Fair and has given YHWHY esteem in Hells Canyon Washington.

2015 (8) 1st place Blue Ribbons, (2) 2nd place Red Ribbons, Best of Class Award in Color, &  2015 Creativity Award.

2014  (9) 1st place Blue Ribbons, (1) 2nd place Red Ribbons, Asotin Fair Superintendents Choice Award & 2014 Creativity Award.


۝ Photographic Portraiture

۝ Commercial Product Imaging

۝ Hi-resolution 360 º Technologies

۝ Photographic Android Apps

۝ Videography & HD MPEG MOV

۝ Marketing Strategies

۝ PowerPoint Presentations

۝ Digital Recording Studio

۝ Web Site Design

۝ New Business Start-up Services   

۝ Marketing Implementation Plans

۝ Creative & Technical Writing

۝ Sales Scripts & Presentation Books

۝ Full Color Printing

۝ Business Cards

۝ Professional Graphic Design

۝ Announcements & Invitations

۝ Post Cards & Tent Cards

۝ Presentation Folders

۝ Corporate Annual Reports

۝ Foil Stamp & Embossing

۝ Direct Marketing Campaigns

۝ Targeted D.M. Lists

۝ Specialty Advertising

۝ Window Decals

۝ Magnets & Custom Paint

۝ Apparel - Silk Screen

۝ Uniforms &Embroidery

۝ Corporate Logo Any-thing?

۝ Banners & Signs

۝ Web Site Evaluations

۝ Internet Marketing Strategies

۝ Web Advertising Plan

۝ Web Site Construction

۝ Product Catalogs

۝ Packaging Concepts & Design

۝ Search Engine Placement

۝ Increase Traffic

۝ Increase Sales Conversions

۝ Auto Responders  

۝ Banner Ads

۝ Affiliate Programs

۝ Customer Affiliate Programs

۝ Merchant Accounts

۝ Automated Shopping Carts

۝ Customized Leads

۝ Capture Visitor Info

۝ Social Media Strategies

۝ Confidential Fiduciary

Portrait & Commercial Photography at its finest level of craftsmanship.

From Clarkston, WA.  "The gateway to HELLS CANYON" on the Snake River.

Call  509-254-1706 for appointment

Family portraits on location starting at $100.00

call 509-758-3577 to scheduleyour appointment